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What do you have to lose?

Leaky homes are hard to heat and hard to cool. The only way to know whether your home is leaky or tight is to measure its air leakage rate with a blower door.

We are committed to providing superior customer service, professional certified testing, and quality performance evaluations for our clients.

Our mission is to evaluate and identify areas where homeowners can improve the energy efficiency of their home. We also work closely with builders and contractors to achieve maximum envelope tightness during the construction process in order to meet or exceed new code regulations regarding energy efficiency. We certify our results and provide our builders with the required documentation to obtain their certificates of occupancy per Alabama regulations.

The Auburn Blower Door team brings over 40 years custom construction experience along with professional certification and hands on experience to offer our clients the best possible results. For these reasons, Auburn Blower Door is the premier duct tightness test and blower door testing contractor in Alabama.

Common Air Leaks

 Electrical outlets


 Door and window frames

 Electrical and gas service entrances


 Weather stripping around doors

 Fireplace dampers

 Attic hatches

Wall or window-mounted air conditioners

Cable TV and phone lines

Where dryer vents pass through walls

Vents and fans

Where Air Leaks

Did You Know?

The average home has air leakage equivalent to a two-foot-square hole.

That’s the same as leaving a medium-sized window wide open 24 hrs a day.

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